The Lost Gate Book Review

I’ve been exposed to the works of Orson Scott Card since an early age. He’s a local author with a national presence. My sister was into his books growing up, so I have several memories of sneaking out of bed to stay up late outside her bedroom door and listening to my mom reading one book or another to her, or getting dragged to his book signings at Barnes & Nobel. When I actually started reading his books on my own it wasn’t because I was into science fiction, but just because there were so many of his books around the house. But I became more interested in his novels when I got into high school, and have read some of his works off and on since then. So a couple of weeks ago I found the first book of one of his fantasy series on my library’s online audio book selection.

The Lost Gate is the story of the various ancient Gods from different cultures, who are actually from a different planet, Westil, where being able to control different elements is common place, but when they found their way to earth eons ago, they were regarded as Gods due to their talents. The protagonist is Danny North, a Gatemage from the group that used to be the Norse gods. Gatemages are able to control the element of space-time, and are able to create wormhole like “gates”, which can take those who use them a few miles or a few light years away. The story follows him as he escapes from his family who either want to kill him or use him for his powers. Danny goes about trying to figure out how to use his powers and figure out what he should be doing with them, accompanied by a cast of interesting new friends to help him along the way.

I enjoyed this read more than I was expecting. The books of Orson Scott Card that I am more familiar with before The Lost Gate  were all science fiction, so this mix of mythology, fantasy and science fiction was refreshingly original, but wrapped up in the voice of a familiar author. I’d definitely recommend it, and look forward to reading the next books in the series.


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