Fall of Giants, Book Review and summary

Fall of Giants by Ken Follett is a historical novel following several characters in the years leading up to and during the first world war, paying close attention to Britain’s women’s suffrage movement,  and the Bolshevik revolution. As per usual the summary will contain spoilers, skip on down to the review if you don’t want… Continue reading Fall of Giants, Book Review and summary

The Dharma Bums Book Review and Summary

Ah, Yes. I go through lots of books, and it’s writing like this that makes a period of sifting through mediocre book after mediocre book worth it. So you should know the drill by now, summary will contain spoilers, review will try to avoid them, you can make your own decisions about what to do with… Continue reading The Dharma Bums Book Review and Summary

Siddhartha Book Review

I’m slowly making my way through a list of books that others have told me I would benefit from reading. Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse was on one of those lists, I’ll hold my judgement for the review. The story follows the spiritual enlightenment of a man called Siddhartha (not the same that would eventually become… Continue reading Siddhartha Book Review